Name spelled wrong on every love letter you wrote me

I didn’t bother to correct you

as if my name didn’t matter


God, let me fall in love again

but not like before


Let me fall in love like the wind

free and flowing not afraid of its potential for destruction


You did not know my inner world

never bothered to ask

I never bothered to tell, as if my inner world didn’t matter


Yet we jumped into the ocean, hand in hand

You did not even know my name


Unbeknownst to us the ocean was only a pool


Our heads hit the bottom and we dreamed in our comas that this shallow grave would leave us buried forever in each others love

But I woke up without you


and now I am  afraid of cliffs

of wind and of clasped hands

of love letters

of being known

of deceptively deep waters

of not feeling the ground beneath me

of declarations of love


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