The word that’s become so important to my healing. When I allowed space for maybe around my deepest darkest thoughts and opinions about myself, I slowly opened a moat of possibility for me to swim in and out of. It made that black box smaller and smaller, surrounded by possibility. It has revolutionized me and disarmed all the things I used to make myself small. Where I feel most comfortable. So many things dragged me underground, and I started to think this world was trying to bury me. This is a story of how I thought I was a stone, but I was really a seed.


I am a seed, not a buried stone. As my heart grew cold it grew numb, as it grew numb, it started to rot. My rotting heart started to spread like roots in a sacred earth


I am planted.


This darkness is not concrete but dirt

Maybe, there’s purpose in my purposelessness,

A tree, not a weed

Maybe this stone must harbor the DNA of a seed to become who I’m meant to be

Maybe this time is different, and emotions aren’t the enemy

Next time I forget my power, maybe

Maybe, will bring me back to me.

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