The arrogance. How quick we are disillusioned. The exaggerated sense of our abilities to control every outcome. We pray; to crystals, gods and ourselves, oh so arrogant.

Before the fire, where I lost the things that never loved me back anyways, I was confident my next step would be stable, that safety awaited me around the corner. As if that was the only way I could still be grateful.

Truth is, or should I say, my truth that I’ve come to realize is, the events of our lives are not tethered to a safety harness. This world is not meant to be safe. This life is not meant to be easy.

What role does faith have in my life now? It lies in my feet that continue to walk through the fire, and no longer in false promises from the ground beneath me that it’ll never burn.

When life becomes difficulty, as by its design, never let your crumbling arrogance make you bitter.




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