I promised myself to never be baptized in the waves of abundance

forgetting that water is not served fresh in everyone’s cup

slowly washing away todays debris from my skin, the water shooting from our pipes in rushes to be reunited with its vessel

forgetting not everyone has the privilege of banishing their blood sweat and tears from their bodies everynight

wealthy privileges disguised as modern conveniences we nestle ourselves in material comforts

forgetting you can be houseless and happy

poor in wealth and abundant in love

that the moon is still there even when it is waning


when we complain about the rain, the grass rejoices

scraping food from our plates into the bellies of our trash bins, we forget what a privilege it is to be full

the smell of no dinner tonight and the hesitant promise of  breakfast in the morning foreign to our senses

how blessed are we to eat not for our bodies but to satifsy cravings in our minds



born on mountains, with no where but down

those born in valleys with no where but through it


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