This piece is not poetry

not the lines that lead one to the next

leaving the heavy aroma of power in your lungs

this piece is simple a ode to my soul

the soul that ebbs and flows through me

this body given to me to carry a piece of the universe

treat it with reckless abandon and as a sacred entity

as it is your way in and out of this world

the only portal it has to be used for its divine purpose.

smell the burning away of things unnecessary and dive deep into your sadness

for this is the life put into your body and your body put into this world

the universe conspired to have you here.

stamped your soul with approval

wrapped you delicately in skin

assigned each cells to one task

keep you breathing. heal physical brokenness

this is not a poem

but a reminder of your divinity in the face of ugliness

this is more than lines of words

ones leading to the next

the aroma of power lingers in my fingertips

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