A shock wave of calm demand filled my ears on afternoon. This is not it. No. You did not come to this earth, filled with the stars, wrapped in the straight of my ancestors, greatness braided into my soul for, this. No. I will not. The universe spoke to me with such calm demand almost to say, how dare you.

I recognized the existential duty to serve this world through my talents. to inspire. to lead. to create. the birth of something once unseen, climbing out from our subconscious into the earth creates forests of ideas and valleys of value for the human experience. Not just for the thinker of the thoughts but for those who get to walk its fields and bask in the glory of things once unseen.

This one timeless second brought to me by the me I was meant to be. Wrapping the power back around my tired ankles after I’d unraveled them for comfort. Once wrapped so tightly my legs turned blue as if they were begging to be noticed.

No. I will not trade my power, the hands that have the power to change this world for meaningless interactions. The universe demands that I make love to my ideas and become a pro to create the reality I was called to experience while I’m here.


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